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Breakdown of Nigeria’s Crayfish Sector for Buyers

Crayfish is a popular delicacy in countries such as Nigeria, China and the U.S. Nigeria is one of the largest suppliers and exporters of crayfish to global markets. With its diverse habitats and abundant populations of crayfish species, Nigeria’s crayfish sector provides valuable economic benefits. As a crayfish buyer, it’s essential to understand the challenges and opportunities in this sector to make informed purchasing decisions.

By Rich Mbariket

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Overview of Nigeria’s Crayfish Sector

An essential component of Nigeria’s fishing industry, with most of the production coming from small-scale and artisanal fishers in villages and rural areas. Crayfish is primarily harvested from rivers, lakes, and swamps, and the species found in Nigeria, particular in Oron, Akwa Ibom State are highly valued for their distinctive sweet taste, and texture. The sector is significant for the country’s economy, providing livelihoods for many people and contributing to exports.

Benefits of Buying Nigerian Crayfish

Supplies and exports of Nigerian crayfish have been growing through the years. As a buyer, purchasing from Nigeria provides several benefits. Firstly, Nigeria has a wide variety of crayfish species, each with unique characteristics and flavors, providing a diverse range of options for buyers. Secondly, the country’s crayfish sector is dominated by small-scale and pedigreed artisanal fishers, meaning that purchasing from the country supports local communities and helps to maintain the livelihoods of these fishers.

Notably, crayfish suppliers meanwhile have been working to adopt sustainable harvesting practices, ensuring that the crayfish populations and habitats are protected for future generations. This not only helps to maintain the viability of the industry but also provides assurance to buyers that the crayfish they purchase has been sourced responsibly and to international quality standards.

Choosing a Supplier

When choosing a crayfish supplier, it’s essential to consider the sustainability of their operations and the quality of their products. Some questions to ask include:

  • Do they use sustainable harvesting practices?
  • Have they taken measures to conserve crayfish habitats?
  • What measures do they have in place to ensure the quality of their products?
  • Can they provide evidence of their sustainability efforts and product quality?
  • How are they managing logistics, warehousing and export operations?

By considering these factors, buyers can make informed decisions and support a sector that provides valuable economic and social benefits to Nigeria and its communities.

Mbariket produces, supplies, and markets Nigerian crayfish powder and whole crayfish in the U.S, and exports to all markets.

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