Mbariket is a registered company in the US and Nigeria and a leading Nigerian goods and agri-food provider in the United States. Mbariket is US-based online retailer for Nigerian goods and agri-food, selling primarily to American clients and customers.

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Mbariket wood is known for quality and durability.
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Fashion accessories, which includes hats and beaded jewelry are among the Mbariket portfolio of goods, manufactured and exported from Nigeria.
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Traditional teeth-cleaning twigs (chewing sticks).
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Providing basic goods and agri-food for Nigerian diaspora.
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The Mbariket salt, seasonings and spices (sea salt, Oron crayfish, red pepper) can be used to prepare and add that unique taste and aroma to your meals. Comes in 1 and 2 ounce packs.
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Straw brooms, utensils, and more.
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