Mbariket is a US-based agribusiness company and online retailer. We process and import premium grade food products from Nigeria for the US market. We serve customers by applying our insights and 20 years of experience. For more information, email

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Homestead Investments

Mbariket is not just a agribusiness company. We're a company with purpose, helping to build a better future together, one homestead at a time. We’re providing meaningful investments in projects and infrastructures that have a lasting impact in the communities we operate for generations to come.

Mbariket 2020 - Construction of public water system in Mbariket homestead in Ikot Obiokoi village, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria.

Mbariket 2022 - Educational initiative, providing basic school supplies and personal hygiene products to children and K-12 students in Mbariket homestead in Nigeria.