Mbariket LLC


Mbariket assists global clients conduct food commodities export-import business in Nigeria including:

Strategy and Market Research

We can provide strategic advice to help companies develop and execute effective business strategies, including market research and analysis, competitive benchmarking, and strategic planning.

Supply Chain Management

We can help companies optimize their supply chains by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring product quality and safety.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

We can help companies comply with food safety regulations, implement quality assurance programs, and develop food safety management systems.

Product Development and Innovation

We can help companies develop new products and services, including researching and identifying new market opportunities, conducting market testing, and developing new products and packaging.

Food Marketing and Branding

We can help companies develop and implement marketing and branding strategies, including advertising and packaging, to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Strategic Sourcing

We can help companies develop and implement strategic sourcing plans to identify and select the best suppliers, negotiate contracts, and manage supplier relationships.

Procurement Process Improvement

We can help companies improve their procurement processes by identifying inefficiencies, implementing process improvements, and developing procurement policies and procedures.

Market Entry Execution

We can help companies execute their market entry strategies, including developing marketing campaigns, establishing distribution channels, and managing supply chains.

Logistics and Transportation Optimization

We can help companies optimize their logistics and transportation processes, including freight management, route planning, and warehouse operations.

Private Label Strategy

We can help clients develop branding and packaging strategies for their private label products, including developing product names, logos, and packaging designs that resonate with target customers.

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