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FAQ – Dried Crayfish Crawfish/Crawdad

Is crayfish shellfish?
Yes, crayfish (also known as crawdad, yabby, and crawfish) belongs in the shellfish category. Crayfish are marine crustaceans, which includes shrimp, lobsters, crabs, snails, oysters, and scallops. There are more than 500 known species of them throughout the world, with new varieties discovered every year in a range of shapes and sizes. Crayfish can be harvested from salt and freshwater ponds, lakes, and rivers. They can be dried naturally or artificially to remove moisture.

Mbariket recommends sun drying, with the help of natural airflow. Mbariket crayfish (crawfish/crawdad) is 100% sun-dried in Nigeria, which as a result achieves the golden look and unique taste we are known for.

Can you eat crayfish with a shellfish allergy?
Yes, it’s possible. Shellfish is a common food allergy. However, consult an allergist to learn more about the allergy risks of shellfish exposure.

Is crayfish spicy?
Crayfish is a non-spicy food flavoring and seasoning ingredient with an earthy, smoked-fishy taste and aroma. It goes great in flavoring and seasoning various local and international cuisines, including plain, cooked, steamed rice without adding any heat. You can find crayfish-flavored Lay’s potato chips, crayfish burgers, crayfish burritos, crayfish tacos, crayfish pizza, crayfish eggs, crayfish-flavored chicken, and BBQ, and more. Perhaps, to help kids eat their meals, a slight sprinkle of ground crayfish could be all that they need.

Can pets eat crayfish?
Pets eat crayfish. It’s an excellent food source for pets, including other crayfish and fish, birds, snakes, turtles, cats, dogs, and rabbits. Consult your vet about appropriate serving sizes of whole crayfish for your pet, especially if you plan to feed whole crayfish as a regular part of their diet.

How is crayfish used in cuisines?
Chefs and food makers often use whole crayfish in different dishes.

In my home country of Nigeria, a typical meal is often seasoned and flavored with crayfish to feed a growing population of 220 million people. In the United States, and particularly in Louisiana, people consume between 120 to 150 million pounds of them and other decapods a year. Chinese people consume 90% of the world’s crayfish every year.

Does crayfish expire or go bad?
Yes, crayfish does expire and will generally stay at best quality and taste for about 12 to 18 months if properly stored. Mbariket crayfish comes in food grade Mylar bags and jars.

To maximize the shelf life, store crayfish at room temperature, away from direct heat or sunlight.