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Mbariket’s Crayfish Powder Exports – 2 Years On

Mbariket’s 2023 focused strategy on crayfish powder exports varies market by market.

As a company, we have made the tough decision this year to eliminate and discontinue all profitable and unprofitable distractions and to focus exclusively on our crayfish business, working with great urgency.

Our goal is to build a premium global crayfish powder exports business focused on the United States and China markets, putting more emphasis on product quality, and forming corporate partnerships with distributors, importers, and exporters.

Just to orient you on our supply chain capabilities: We source crayfish from Oron, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria. We buy directly from pedigreed local suppliers with a high degree of credibility and detailed due diligence. It’s not accidental. Just part of our fundamental algorithm of doing good business: supplying the best crayfish powder for our customers or nothing.

At Mbariket, we are available for guidance and support. Talk to us about importing and exporting crayfish powder.

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About the Author: Rich Mbariket is the founder of Mbariket, based in the company’s Las Vegas office.