Nigeria Yam Imports into the U.S.

nigeria yam
Fresh Nigerian yam tubers

Nigeria is the largest producer of fresh yams in Africa. In 2022, Mbariket made some inquiries at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) about Nigerian yam imports into the country. We confirmed that Nigerian yams is indeed admissible into the U.S. for commercial and subsistence use. And no, yam tuber exports are not banned in Nigeria, contrary to popular belief. U.S. food buyers can import fresh yams from Nigeria with no special import permits required. The United States market demand and consumption of Nigerian yams is strong and growing. Frankly, the lack of yam exports in Nigeria simply comes down to inadequate infrastructures in moving the commodity from where they’re produced to where they’re needed; safely, responsibly, and sustainably. Talk to us about your specific yam procurement challenges from Nigeria. We can help to mitigate your risks. Follow us on LinkedIn. Explore our brands.