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What is crayfish powder used for?

Meet Crayfish – Also known as crawfish in the United States. In my home country of Nigeria, we call it crayfish. It is the most popular food seasoning ingredient for enhancing the flavor and taste of most meals in Nigeria.

The best Nigerian crayfish is sourced and harvested in Oron, a tiny coastal town in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, which happens to be my home state also. Tiny Freshwater Crayfish is harvested by local fishermen, sun dried and/or smoked dried over several days, then packaged in large poly bags and sold to merchants in whole form. 

Mbariket buys whole crayfish directly from the fishermen but that’s just the beginning. The crayfish is then commercially processed at our facility, which consists of carefully sorting out impurities (seabed debris, pebbles, sand, etc) by hand, redried in the sun for 24 hours, then grounded for logistics purposes, and more important, for the easy, cooking convenience of our customers. 

crayfish-2-ozBut what is crayfish powder used for? Let’s walk and talk together. It makes things better. Crayfish is a multicultural, multiethnic all-natural, non-spicy food source with no additives and GMO. Crayfish powder is commonly used for food seasoning and flavoring for human consumption, for those looking just for flavor and no heat. 

As a result, kids and babies love them too. Our four-year old daughter, Jeannette can’t stop eating it. Can’t get enough of her Mbariket Crayfish at the dinner table. She enjoys crayfish powder over plain white rice, plain biscuits, spaghetti and noodles, French fries, and diced fruits. 

We recently launched Mbariket’s crayfish plastic shaker jar in .75 oz and 1.5 oz, convenient for adults and kids alike for the pantry, cupboard, counter, and table top. Compliment with hot pepper shaker

Crayfish may also be used in whole and powder form as animal feed for wide ranging aquatic species, including other crayfish, fish, crabs, lobsters, rabbits, birds, otters, turtles, and more. Although crayfish is used primarily for meal preparation, it also makes for an excellent seasoning and flavoring condiment. 

At Mbariket, we are happy to help enhance the flavor. 

By Rich Mbariket, Founder at Mbariket